Discovering Humpty Dumpty

Do you remember this rhyme from Mother Goose?

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.[1]

So, what does this childhood rhyme have to do with Energy? Let me explain.

From all the illustrations I’ve seen, Humpty Dumpty was an egg. Eggs are fragile. Now, picture that Humpty is sitting on a “wall”—in today’s terms, sitting on a “fence”—not able to make up his mind about possibly what to do next. So, he just sat. Until along came a strong wind or someone who pushed him and down he went—SPLAT!

That is what energy fragmentation is like: pieces of your Soul get splattered everywhere. This can happen as a result of abuse or trauma. But having pieces splattered or scattered means they are not where they should be. It also means the remaining “egg” is a person who’s less than who he or she could have been.

Can you imagine what Humpty Dumpty must have felt? Disempowered (if he could even feel it). Sad (because he didn’t have the life he thought he could have had). One fact was certain: Humpty Dumpty definitely was NOT all there anymore!

But wait. ALL IS NOT LOST. We’re told that “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.” Well, that’s because only one person could bring the fragments together—HUMPTY DUMPTY HIMSELF.

Why You Want to Journal, Meditate, or Work with a Good Counselor

How we regain our inner strength and sense of being healed has a lot to do with energy fragmentation. This was definitely true for me and likely for you, too. Those splatted pieces can be put back into place, but not instantly. The process requires an ongoing effort that might include journaling, meditating, counseling, and more.

Whatever age you were when abuse or trauma occurred in your life is the same age the fragments are when they return to you. Since then, they need time to mature and integrate with the part of your Soul that remained intact. Because my fragments left me at many different ages, they returned to me at multiple ages after much effort and intuitive Soul-searching. Over time, I sensed them maturing and integrating (becoming one again) with me, with the rest of my Soul. I discovered that learning to journal and meditate helped me. And a good counselor has been a critical ally in my energy fragments integrating as well.

Did you realize you can have conversations with those fragmented parts of you? These pieces can assist in this process even when they are still splatted. Eventually, they come back HOME to you—where they should be.

Like Conducting an Orchestra

What does it look and feel like to have your energy fragments return to you? Think of an orchestra that has many different instruments and musicians gathering right in front of you as the conductor. In my case, I had so many pieces break off when they were kids that they start out as kids again in this orchestra. I’ve been watching them grow up in front of me. They each seem to know how to play their particular instrument, but here’s the difference: I feel I’m watching them learn to play together as one cohesive body. This process can take years, but throughout this time, the changes are meaningful. How do I know? I can tell when I’m growing emotionally and with more energy every day—gaining strength and not letting anyone treat me badly ever again.

Humpty Dumpty was not in good shape to begin with. After all, he was just sitting on a fence, possibly for years. Makes you wonder why, doesn’t it? Yet authoritarians and bullies alike want people to be sitting on a fence, not able to make decisions for themselves. People like Humpty Dumpty are likely afraid. Afraid of the unknown.

Once you start to get your pieces back—and your energy system is restoring itself as a result—then you begin to LOSE FEAR. Instead, you learn to TRUST. Have you ever noticed that once you REALLY know what you want to do, a certain kind of drive kicks in? A drive full of determination.

That is what restoring your energy fragments can do for you—in a huge way.

Restoring your own Humpty Dumpty begins with releasing Survival Mode’s grip on how you are operating inside. See my blog post We are all in an Energy War for background on Survival Mode.

[1] Debbie Gliori, The Dorling Kindersley Book of Nursery Rhymes, Gardners Books, 2000.

Your Invitation to Energy

There are many doors you can open that will get you to the greater subject of ENERGY and Who We Are.

The door I walked through was the door labeled ABUSE, because that was the one I had the most experience in.

What abuse can do to your Human Energy System is beyond comprehension.

In my books…in my blog posts…you’ll find stories that can help you.

Follow my journey, a healing journey, the kind that can assist you in finding your way for the rest of your life.

Come. Come with me.