We Are All In An Energy War

Sorry to get serious right away, but our world needs your attention. We are in an energy war—that is, authoritarians are using energy to make others submit to their demands. We all need to act now to end it once and for all!

I believe people are genuinely good inside. But things happen—hence, the centuries-old problem of certain people (authoritarians, dictators, autocrats, all types of bullies) wanting to control others for their own gain. Then there is everybody else—those who are physically, mentally, and emotionally worn down into being less of the person they always could have been. They have long been on the losing side of this. Not anymore!

I think of myself as a reporter who conveys key experiences I’ve lived through or witnessed. I’ve learned a lot after being shut down for much of my life. As a result, intuitively I believe I can help others.

Bullies act the way they do probably because someone has tried to control them. They have learned to never back down. They cannot change, for they know of no other way to be. Their lack of character and empathy leads us to wonder, “Is there any human being ‘home’ inside?”

The only way I see to fix this old, old problem is for all who have submitted to authoritarianism to say “no more.” Then they can immediately begin the process of becoming stronger deep inside where bullies have harmed them the most. Where their emotional shutdown has occurred. Where they have reacted by adopting Survival Mode.

Survival Mode Reaction

Survival Mode is a reaction you might have experienced when faced with emotional abuse. Whether the abuse comes from a parent or dictator in your home country, there is no difference except in its scale.

Survival Mode can be defined as emotionally shutting down in order to survive. Fully feeling and expressing your emotions has likely never been allowed. You respond by operating in Survival Mode, which means you are less than the person you could have been. Yet to fight any kind of an energy war that’s present in family, national, and global events, you must be all here. Totally present. Not shut down.

Until I went through my healing process, I had no idea how many ways people could shut themselves down. Here’s how I described the Survival Mode I experienced in my writings.

Overall, my Survival Mode reaction included eczema, an allergy to chocolate (any kind of chocolate), dissociation, fragmentation, a weak digestive fire, sluggish digestion, some constipation, poor hydration, poor posture, shallow breathing, dumbing down, keeping my mouth shut, not taking risks, living a sedentary lifestyle as a child, heavy analytical thinking, not showing a lot of emotion, grieving that went unprocessed, having no boundaries, being too nice, having a speech defect as a child (couldn’t enunciate the letter L), sucking my thumb until age seven (I replaced my thumb with a fork), having dark under my eyes (reflecting stomach issues), having impetigo on my face along with other neck, skin, and scalp issues at puberty, not being able to do more than a few sit-ups in high school. As I look back, I see how I was probably only 15 to 20 percent of who I could have been. That applied both to my childhood and my marriage.

But then it all began to naturally correct itself.


Is Survival Mode present for you? If any of these signs are familiar, you may have shut down like I did. If that is true, what can you do? As you seek safety and freedom from authoritarian behavior around you, I suggest starting with this: Be willing to listen to your intuition and trust what feels right to you.

You’ll find further insights into overcoming Survival Mode in future posts of THE FLASHLIGHT.

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Your Invitation to Energy

There are many doors you can open that will get you to the greater subject of ENERGY and Who We Are.

The door I walked through was the door labeled ABUSE, because that was the one I had the most experience in.

What abuse can do to your Human Energy System is beyond comprehension.

In my books…in my blog posts…you’ll find stories that can help you.

Follow my journey, a healing journey, the kind that can assist you in finding your way for the rest of your life.

Come. Come with me.