Empowerment Begins When the Reaction Ends.
Reactions End When Releasing Begins.

Mariane E. Weigley takes the reader further into her compelling journey from Abuse to Energy in this second of the three-book Abuse & Energy™series. Reactions End When Releasing Begins! Seeing life and the world from a new perspective can allow the awareness and create the opportunity to change from the inside.  Read More >

A compelling journey from Abuse to Energy, Mariane Weigley takes her readers to a greater understanding of the essential idea You Are More Than You Think You AreRead More >

As an intuitive who senses energy in a variety of ways, Mariane E. Weigley writes, speaks, teaches, and publishes what it means to be an energy being, a being of light. She writes her story from the soul’s perspective—that is, everything is energy.  Read More >

Message from the author:

The Dedication: I write to educate the mind. But I speak directly to the soul—the hopeless, the unwanted, the tossed out, the ones who ran away, and the ones who hid.

The Message: Life is worth living.

The Promise: Within these pages, there is information, validation, and support for you.

What Early Readers Say…

Deep Energy is a deep, ever-evolving narrative of Mariane Weigley’s healing, growth, and empowerment. This book is the result of being able to heal and grow. Mariane came to trust her gut and she flowered. Readers of this book can also use Mariane’s experiences (stories) as springboards for healing. It can happen for you, the reader. I have witnessed it many times with wounded people who are stuck in darkness and negativity. Healing CAN and DOES occur. GO FOR IT! Move forward and trust the healing process.” (Excerpt from the Foreword)

— Jo Ann Cooper, PhD, Psychologist
Member, American Psychological Association

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“The way home refreshes the soul; the way home lifts despair. Mariane Weigley’s book, Deep Energy: Diving into the Depths of Your Personal Understanding, is filled with messages of wisdom, relief for the suffering, and a broad view of the soul and its healing. Mariane’s story is a powerful one, full of compelling incidents and timely advice for healing . . .”

— Janice DeCovnick, PhD, Clinical Psychologist
Member, American Psychological Association

“Mariane Weigley’s book is based on her premise that ‘Life IS worth living.’ Her hopeful, insightful message shows that, while recovering from emotional abuse is not easy, it is possible to come out of the depths of despair and rise to new heights of joy and fulfillment.”

— Sam Horn, Author, Tongue Fu!®
and Never Be Bullied Again