Peace begins on the inside. How do we know that? And how does it make a difference for us? Through this website, you’ll discover ways for your soul to achieve peace as transported by the energy inside you. The writings serve to heal your Human Energy System through Information, Validation, and Support (I.V.S.—similar to the IVs that aid the physical healing process yet infinitely more powerful).

You can embrace life more fully by tapping into energy’s healing power. But how do you start? See what catches your attention through this site. Listen intuitively to what “feels right.” And adopt the energy-based ideas and processes you find here. You do have the inner strength to become the person you were always meant to be. As George Eliot said, “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

Welcome to your journey of peace and energy,

Abuse & Energy™ Series

Peace Begins on the Inside
Restoring the Human Energy System

Empowerment Begins
When the Reaction Ends

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Reactions End
When Releasing Begins

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Peace Begins
On the Inside For All of Us

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To all of us

Souls themselves do not have a gender, nor do they have a specific color. Souls can express themselves in a multitude of ways: no color, no race, no gender, no specific religion or faith, and no specific sexual preference can be used to describe a soul. A soul is a soul. It is energy—a being of light—that expresses itself according to the circumstances it finds itself in while in physical form.

Therefore, underneath it all, we are all the same.

We are eternal.

We are Souls. We are Energy.

What Readers Say…

“By deeply examining her stories of loss, she gained an awareness of energy that she has applied to overcome gripping circumstances. She conveys what’s possible if we understand how the human energy system works-and how to clean it up when it’s blocked, torn, and fragmented. This whole series offers tremendous hope for traumatized people to mend, reintegrate, and find peace.”

— Janice DeCovnick, PhD, Clinical Psychologist
Member, American Psychological Association

“I liked how you relate the fact that if we can focus on healing ourselves individually, we can then heal as a country. It’s an important point and one that interested me the most.”

— Elizabeth Yost, Energy Healer, Writer

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