IMAGINE YOU ARE A CAR. In the 1960s, there was a prank people played. Put a potato up the tailpipe of someone’s car or truck would result in that vehicle either not starting at all or if it did start, it would not go very far. Sound familiar?

Well, people are like cars with an internal engine that needs to work properly to move forward. If there’s something “up your tailpipe”—an old or new issue, a long-time grudge, an old wrong never made right—it can get stuck like a “potato” stopping your internal engine from starting at all or not running very long.

The “stuck potato” might be stopping your ability to succeed.

Years ago, I found a number of “potatoes” inside me. Journaling, meditation, and counseling all helped me remove them. Recently, I “looked” again and found a few more. I began to remove those so my engine could start easily and perhaps go far this time. Learning how I cleared them can help you, too. Consider adopting these 10 practices:

1. If you know you have a “potato” stuck inside, then ask yourself how fast it can be dealt with and removed. You may be surprised that something as simple as crying, telling someone else about it, or writing down every nasty detail can help you release this internal blockage of Energy.

2. Hydrating—just like a car, your engine needs water. Drink more! And keep drinking!

3. Breathing—just like a car, you need oxygen to activate that engine, so be sure to breathe often and deeply (not shallow like many of us do).

4. Cleansing—search for foods/drinks that can help clear the “potato” that has stopped you from living the life you could have had. For me, a small amount of aloe vera juice each day has helped to heal my digestive system, giving my internal engine the fuel it needs to run properly. Issues can cause problems in the digestive system. Heal those and other kinds of healing comes more easily, because you simply feel better.

5. Journaling—write something every day that reflects your thoughts and feelings.

6. Meditation—calm your mind by meditating. Think of it as an internal kind of medication.

7. Counseling—get a good counselor who understands Energy and provides a safe place for you to say whatever you need to say.

8. Movement—just like a car needs to be driven, you need to move. At least 20 minutes a day of movement will do. It can be as simple as walking in your neighborhood or going up and down a staircase multiple times.

9. Expect miracles. Set an intention that your engine will always run smoothly for the years to come. You get what you expect!

10. Realize you know more than you think you do. You really do!

Addressing the issues that keep you stuck doesn’t have to be difficult if you do these actions regularly. I hope this “potato in the tailpipe” formula gives you constructive ways to move toward the success you seek. Yes, you are more than you think you are.

In Peace,


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Your Invitation to Energy

There are many doors you can open that will get you to the greater subject of ENERGY and Who We Are.

The door I walked through was the door labeled ABUSE, because that was the one I had the most experience in.

What abuse can do to your Human Energy System is beyond comprehension.

In my books…in my blog posts…you’ll find stories that can help you.

Follow my journey, a healing journey, the kind that can assist you in finding your way for the rest of your life.

Come. Come with me.