The great Canadian ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky is quoted as saying he doesn’t skate to where the hockey puck is . . . he skates to where the hockey puck is going to be. I am not a skater; I am a writer whose work has a purpose for all humanity. Let me explain.

I believe that whenever a thing, object, rock, stone, or wall presents itself in our imagination or mind’s eye, it has meaning. I suggest Paying Attention to it and asking this question: “Are there words on that object?” Nine times out of ten, the answer is yes.

In mid-January of 2022, a plain, black hockey puck appeared in my mind’s eye. When I asked my question, I heard this answer: “Yes, lots of words. Good words. Words to act on.” I wrote the following words exactly as I heard them in January and named them “Puck.” They represent where I am skating toward!


Freedom rings for all those who listen and read your books.

Democracy can grow now because the oppressors are defeated because of your writings.

Those who tried to kill democracy will be prosecuted for treason and other high crimes.

They failed in their attempt at a coup.

But much work remains to be done to correct all the wrongs that have been done since the beginning.   

THE BIG CLEANUP lies before us.

Democracy will be embraced like it never has before. Other countries will follow our lead.


When words come this way, it conveys Truth for me. And I believe it is Truth for all of us.

This is the hope and the vision ahead we can all skate toward.


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Mariane Weigley
Through this blog, Mariane Weigley, JD, shines a Flashlight on how one’s Soul reacts to trauma and can begin to heal. A lawyer and author of three books on emotional abuse, Mariane welcomes your comments about your own experiences of abuse.