The shape of an oval is significant—it’s like a circle only different. Both have no end; both are eternal.

An oval is also the shape of YOU. Let me explain.

A physical body’s core is in the shape of an oval and is also the home of the soul. We feed our physical bodies without question, but do we consciously feed our souls, too? For most people, the answer is likely “no” or at least “not enough.”

Integral to the workings of the federal government in the U.S. (namely, the White House) is the Oval Office. Outside the White House is the Ellipse, also an oval. Decisions are made in these oval spaces every day. The same could be said for us, too, as we make decisions from our body’s core—our oval—every day.

In effect, you have an “oval office” inside of you in the core area of your physical body. Its foremost needs are Safety and Variety, with Safety being paramount. And Variety includes color, movement, texture, sound, and many more “nutrients” you need to heal and to nurture.

What allows you to feel your way to become the person you always could have been? To having a better life? To living consistently with your soul? The practice of nurturing your internal oval.

It starts by asking these questions. Are you feeding your soul enough of what it truly needs? Are you noticing what your core is trying to show you and listening to hear what it wants to tell you?

In the Comments section, please state the ways your “oval office” defines how you live and share how you might fully nurture it.

Learn more about your soul’s energy needs in Peace & Energy, Book 3 of the Abuse & Energy™ Series. In particular, read Chapter 12 Supporting Your Energy System, Chapter 13 The Need for Energy Safety, and Chapter 18 What Feeds Your Soul.

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Mariane Weigley
Through this blog, Mariane Weigley, JD, shines a Flashlight on how one’s Soul reacts to trauma and can begin to heal. A lawyer and author of three books on emotional abuse, Mariane welcomes your comments about your own experiences of abuse.