In the U.S., November means Thanksgiving, a day of giving thanks. It’s a time to think of what abundance we have—whatever kind it is—and be grateful for it.

My family’s first Thanksgiving celebration after my father died (when I was 16) was at a local restaurant in my hometown. Three of us—my mother, my brother John, and me—sat at a table for four, so there was an empty chair. The restaurant was crowded, which made my father’s absence even more pronounced. Although the food tasted good, we ate in silence. It had only been five months since my father’s death, and I think we were still in shock.

I have learned that grieving can last a few years, but mourning can last a lifetime. As I have experienced it, grieving is a deep sadness that has many different levels, while mourning is not as intense as grieving. Something as simple as having a family photo or a sentimental object nearby can remind us of our loss and be a sign of personal mourning.

Mom died in 2005, initiating 17 years of mourning for me. John died in 2013. Since then, I have had meaningful moments. A birdfeeder. A porch-like sunroom. A sub sandwich from Subway. Each reminds me of them—something that was good back then and still feels good today—but with only me experiencing it now. It helps.

The start of any day begins with morning; so does mourning with a “u”—you—being added. Beyond marking a new day, morning/mourning can represent a process we can be grateful for. Grieving and mourning give us a way of remembering, and they BOTH remind us that we are all Human.

Think of Gratitude as an Attitude. God and the Universe always hear it.

Gratitude can be that you were glad you spent time with them.

Gratitude reminds you of the good experiences you shared during this lifetime.

Gratitude is a feeling that helps you to move on. It’s positive in its vibration, and it usually brings more of what you can be grateful for into your present-day life.

Given what you might have been through or continue to face, can you name just one thing you are grateful for in this season of Thanksgiving and beyond?

Happy Thanksgiving to You.


For more insight about my Thanksgiving experience, please read Chapter 25 Rise in Peace & Energy, the third book in the Abuse & Energy™ Series.


Your Invitation to Energy

There are many doors you can open that will get you to the greater subject of ENERGY and Who We Are.

The door I walked through was the door labeled ABUSE, because that was the one I had the most experience in.

What abuse can do to your Human Energy System is beyond comprehension.

In my books…in my blog posts…you’ll find stories that can help you.

Follow my journey, a healing journey, the kind that can assist you in finding your way for the rest of your life.

Come. Come with me.