What does “We are Energy” (the tagline of the publishing house) mean?

Everything I write addresses that premise but often from an angle that you, a valued reader, might not expect. This post presents one approach to consider.

Once you begin to connect deep inside yourself by meditating and journaling, changes can happen, such as experiencing cleanout. Let me explain.

I just returned from a two-week trip to upstate New York with time in New York City as well. My last visit to NYC had been with my father when I was 10 years old. He died when I was 16.

Less than 48 hours after leaving New York and returning to Wisconsin, a major sore throat came on but without a fever. Thankfully, I tested negative for Covid, the flu, and anything that would need antibiotics. Saltwater gargling was a godsend.

Still, I felt awful. I needed to cough a lot and clear my throat of all the junk inside. And I slept. I had no drive to do anything except rest, so I did just that.

Now, 10 days out from my travels, I feel better, but earlier, I had journaled that a head cold could lead to “awesome things,” and I was to “expect miracles. Miracles can happen. Expect a miracle.”

Survival Mode (of which I continue to recover from) creates areas in one’s body where energy doesn’t flow well. The back of my throat (at my tonsils) appears to be one such area for me (among others I’ve discovered). Then I remembered. In 1964, the winter before my dad’s death, I had strep throat five times. The doctor told me, “If you get strep one more time, your tonsils will have to be removed.” I didn’t get it again—and I still have my tonsils.

However, the doctor didn’t know what I’d experienced growing up in my household—specifically, energy fragmentation beginning in early infancy, an allergy to chocolate by age six, and being silenced about everything. All he knew was what he saw—strep throat.

Today, with my allergy to chocolate ending in 2001 and my fragments beginning to return in 2005, I’m not silenced anymore. I am growing emotionally again, which for me means “cleanout” is occurring in my neck—namely, in the back of my throat. (I am convinced a lot of words I wanted to have said as a kid got stuck there.) A common cold virus may be helping facilitate this cleanout along with saltwater, Vitamin C, and plenty of much-needed rest!

What changed for me? What exactly got cleaned out?

I feel like some of the remnants of how I held myself back have left me after all these years. And that is clearing the way toward being more fully myself—the person I was always meant to be.

I am now willing to stick out my neck further than ever. And I feel committed to even say more of what I believe should be said—going well beyond what’s written in my books.

Oh, my. That will get interesting!

Have you had times when you got “sick” but felt better afterwards yet in a different way?

Perhaps you simply released old, stuck energy that needed to go. You let it free, thus allowing yourself to clear the way to becoming the person you always could have been.

That’s how Energy works!

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